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About FHS Alumni

The Fairhaven High School Alumni Association, Inc. was originally founded in 1894 by Henry Huttleston Rogers and after a period of dormancy, was reactivated in 1980 by Mary Battaini ’38 who served as the President of the Board of Directors until 1998.  Robert Foster ’66 succeeded her as President at that time and continues to serve in that capacity.  The association is a registered, non-profit organization which has a membership of over 15,000 alumni spread across the fifty states. 

The original mission of the FHS Alumni Association revolved around the restoration of Fairhaven High School’s interior, which was beginning to show signs of disrepair.  During the 1980s and 1990s, the FHS Alumni Association was directly responsible for the renovation and restoration of Room 7, the Knipe Auditorium, the ceilings in the two foyers, as well as the Principal’s Office and “Mrs. Martin’s Office”. 

At the start of the 21st century, the group’s mission has been expanded to one of being a community partner of the high school and the Fairhaven Public Schools.  We have worked diligently to support a variety of school programs, distribute scholarships at graduation and generally be a resource to the administration, teaching staff and students as they continue to strive to provide a quality education to the students of Fairhaven.  In September 2008 we presented a gift of $11,000 to new Principal Tara Kohler to purchase 28 new computers to create a second computer lab that was desperately needed by the students and teachers. In June 2009 the Board of Directors awarded $10,700 in mini-grants to various teachers and departments at Fairhaven High School, including $5,000 for a new Peer Mediation Program that will train FHS student mediators to help fellow students resolve conflicts and reduce tensions in the school.  The Board also presented the high school with $6,000 to purchase matching computer tables for 28 new computers that will be installed in the Bernard Roderick Library/Media Center. In June 2010 the Board of Directors voted to award $10,200 in mini-grants to teachers at FHS and $6,400 to fund 50% of the cost of repairing and refurnishing the clock and clock tower at the high school. In June 2012 the Board of Directors awarded FHS $12,400 to put towards the purchase of 30 I-Pads for the Freshmen academic classes.  The Class of 2012 had left a class gift of $2,000 that was combined with the Alumni Association’s gift to make the purchase of the I-Pads.

Board of Directors

Robert Foster ’66 ,  President
Bryan Becotte ‘88, Vice-President
Nancy (Morris) Foster ’66 ,  Treasurer
Lynne (Hathaway) Gautreau ‘79,  Clerk
Deborah (Barboza) Davis ‘70
David Farias ‘76
Kelly (Foster) Flynn ‘86
Gail (Jacobsen) Isaksen ‘63
Sheila (Tunstall) McKenna ‘58
Claire (Hebert) Millette ‘68
Jane (Gignac) Patenaude ‘66
John Sharples ‘76
Bethany (Hawes) Sykes ‘62
Mark Sylvia ‘92
Cuthbert “Cuffy” Tunstall ‘61
Linda (Montgomery) Tunstall ‘61


If you wish to contact the Board for any reason, please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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Bicentennial 2012

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